my everyday way

my everyday way

You can do it when you just wake up.
Or when you’re in the shower, just before you go out the door.
At the office works for me too.
Toilets are everywhere.
Sometimes it’s just touching.
Feel how you feel. How your clit tingles. Feel how soft. Feel how wet.
Warm yourself up for more. You.
I also do it when I ride my bike.
Feel good how it feels. Saddle. Me. Up. With again more me.
I’m talking about masturbating.
And how you can, always and everywhere.
In any way whatsoever.
From playful touch to finishing touch.
It’s possible to forever keep it in your mind. Remember that it’s possible and you may, every day.
The way you translate that yearning desire from your head to your body. Your body, your choice.
Sometimes I come home and then it immediately hits.
Built-up horniness, out, fingers in.
Banal? Flat? No why? Sex with yourself is yours and no one else’s.
You can do what you want, be who you are and choose what you like best.
I love that.
I fantasize myself.
And then I write the majority on paper. For you.
How nice would it be if dream and reality became one?
That I cycle home in the knowledge that you’re there or that I’m going to see you? In all your divine nakedness? Cock proudly upright, your jerk shiny, radiant, precum dripping horny.
The thought of this makes me feel like masturbating with myself over and over again. Un ongoing need.
So I write this, while I shuffle back and forth restlessly, with my pussy on the chair I’m sitting on now. Spin around, for all the right reasons. That I feel my orgasm already. And that that is good in all ways, anyhow.
I can recommend every woman to masturbate in front of the mirror. Because you get to know your own vagina so well, you can see and feel how you feel.
I sometimes even finger myself through my panties. The fabric then just feels so good. I like the shine in my eyes when I cum or the softness in my smile. How I moan softly when that moment is there.
I hope to show you once. Yes, you read that right, you. I have enough (of) me, and I want you. There. Somehow, somewhere.
Once. Upon. A. Time. Baby.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

The philosophy behind blogporn is not so much that it’s written by me, as being my own person, but from a pseudonym. An alter ego, so to speak. This has several advantages.

First, my writings (on the wall) are not linked to me as a person, I mean that people who read blogporn don’t make an association with me. To guarantee my anonymity for various reasons. On the other hand, I think it’s important that everyone (18+) may and can recognize themselves in blogporn. It could therefore in principle be written by everyone and at the same time for everyone. This is what it’s all about. I find that important.

I want to exhilarate, challenge, be vulnerable, be able to be, dare to(o), arouse curiosity and share, create togetherness or just stimulate time with yourself. I want you to smile in recognition, get warmed by desire, notice your body when you get horny, really feel and touch yourself and who knows the other person too. What you do before, during or after blogporn is your choice. A sort of everything is possible and everything is allowed story 😉

Now let’s go back to my alter ego, the pseudonym I choose to write under. I chose N/A. The literal translation of this is: Not Applicable. It also means Not Available and No Answer. And last but not least:

Nocturnal Animal

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