It was nice and hot and there was sun everywhere.
Your sun was everywhere.
It started with a bikini.
Or actually just a bikini bottom.
My body shone with sunscreen.
Carefully applied by you.
Although we were already oiled up. By each other.
On this beautiful almost-felt-like-summer day in May.
You took on this rewarding sunscreen task, for you(r) love (is) my body.
Careful and tender, nothing surpassing and extremely intens mega sexy.
Your hands felt everywhere.
Your fingers followed perfectly. As if they were there forever and would stay there forever. As if you would be here forever.
Everything felt so right.
Your cock rightly.
I saw that, I only pretended I had my eyes closed.
That was also the only pretend that I ever did with you. Or had to do.
With you everything was real. And everything is real to you.
Your hands massaged my breasts.
Shiny happy to go down. Shiny happy from above. The sun. And your smile. Two of the most beautiful.
My belly. Where it tickled inside. Did you feel that then?
My bikini line, you followed with pleasure.
Playfully teasing, you may forever always a little more, a bit further, a bit naughtier, a bit hornier, a bit wetter, a bit harder.
When you turned me around, I was almost already there. And you knew.
Your thumbs this time then.
Around my tight ass and secretly also inside.
Short enough, but just as long. For me to feel. Excruciating. Horny. Wet. Please. Go. One.
So I begged you for more.
I tasted you more.
(I got it both) and so much more.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

The philosophy behind blogporn is not so much that it’s written by me, as being my own person, but from a pseudonym. An alter ego, so to speak. This has several advantages.

First, my writings (on the wall) are not linked to me as a person, I mean that people who read blogporn don’t make an association with me. To guarantee my anonymity for various reasons. On the other hand, I think it’s important that everyone (18+) may and can recognize themselves in blogporn. It could therefore in principle be written by everyone and at the same time for everyone. This is what it’s all about. I find that important.

I want to exhilarate, challenge, be vulnerable, be able to be, dare to(o), arouse curiosity and share, create togetherness or just stimulate time with yourself. I want you to smile in recognition, get warmed by desire, notice your body when you get horny, really feel and touch yourself and who knows the other person too. What you do before, during or after blogporn is your choice. A sort of everything is possible and everything is allowed story 😉

Now let’s go back to my alter ego, the pseudonym I choose to write under. I chose N/A. The literal translation of this is: Not Applicable. It also means Not Available and No Answer. And last but not least:

Nocturnal Animal

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