Are you familiar with velvet?
You know that very soft beautiful fabric,
with a beautifully subtle shine?
And do you know the color powder pink?
The kind of pink that makes you warm, soft, not too conspicuous, but really eye-catching?
Combine these two and you get a very nice little velvety powder pink bodysuit.
Can you picture me in front of you, wearing this?
Can you see me? I’m right here, baby.
What do you see?
Wait. I will put it on for you while you watch.
Then afterwards, you can help me undress from that tight little velvety powder pink bodysuit.
When you undress me, take it nice and slow, baby. And also premeditated, ah, please?
Bodysuits are also very nice, not wearing them. When somebody takes it off. Your body. Like for example this specific example by you any minute now.
But first I put it on. While you watch.
I step in and slowly pull that little bodysuit up, along my legs. I look at you while I feel my ass in the tight pants. I turn around and ask you if it suits me right.
With hoarse horny voice you answer: “yes”.
The bodysuit feels so amazingly wonderful. My breasts fit perfectly in it. Straps over my shoulder, cleavage big, tight and horny and wow (although I say so myself).
Feel me baby, because I feel so soft.
Can you feel it?
Feeling becomes caressing.
Then tongues.
Tongues makes me so deliciously wet.
And you fucking horny hard.
Your hands over my bodysuit or better yet: playsuit. Everywhere. I feel. You.
How easily you move the fabric aside.
Let your fingers go in me. Deep.
Velvety powder pink becomes wet. And wetter.
I feel your cock and free it from your tight utter most sexy underpants.
You pull me on you.
Your cock almost automatically in me.
Me fucking you with my playsuit still on.
There’s nothing velvet soft about this, is there? I fuck you intense and deep and harder.
Your mouth, your lips, your tongue at my breasts.
I show you my nipples and not only that.
You can do everything.
Lick, bite, suck. Them.
Tongue me.
Look at me when you ejaculate in me.
I feel your semen. Oh, baby, I love that feeling.
The funny happy weird thing about that velveteen, is that it can make you as naughty as a tiger, but also as soft as a bear.
So when you’ve finished, I crawl up against you and I am your soft bear. But, baby, I don’t want to cuddle.
So undress me, do it, you know how. Pull me closer.
This morning, this afternoon, tonight, and by midnight it’s the eye of the tiger.
It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the dream, not the fight.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

The philosophy behind blogporn is not so much that it’s written by me, as being my own person, but from a pseudonym. An alter ego, so to speak. This has several advantages.

First, my writings (on the wall) are not linked to me as a person, I mean that people who read blogporn don’t make an association with me. To guarantee my anonymity for various reasons. On the other hand, I think it’s important that everyone (18+) may and can recognize themselves in blogporn. It could therefore in principle be written by everyone and at the same time for everyone. This is what it’s all about. I find that important.

I want to exhilarate, challenge, be vulnerable, be able to be, dare to(o), arouse curiosity and share, create togetherness or just stimulate time with yourself. I want you to smile in recognition, get warmed by desire, notice your body when you get horny, really feel and touch yourself and who knows the other person too. What you do before, during or after blogporn is your choice. A sort of everything is possible and everything is allowed story 😉

Now let’s go back to my alter ego, the pseudonym I choose to write under. I chose N/A. The literal translation of this is: Not Applicable. It also means Not Available and No Answer. And last but not least:

Nocturnal Animal

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