where the streets have no name

where the streets have no name

How I wish for us a city.
A city full of joy and laughter,
Naughtiness, sex and in no need of sleep.
Where the streets have no name.
And nobody knows us.
One that’s beautiful and becomes even more so, just because of you.
Where we can laugh, dance, shine. Together.
Light, colors, scents, purely enjoying.
Beach and sex on repeat.
From sex on the beach to sex in the hotel.
Luckily for us, the hotel is closeby.
I love the beautiful and soothing sound of waves.
We are nice and hot and so so horny.
I feel it in my body. I want you. And I know that you want me too, your delicious cock is in an erect state for about the whole day now.
For us no delay of direct satisfaction.
That means fucking out our horniness of daytime, in an intense manner and afterwards we shower and rinse the sand of our bodies.
We rinse of together and we do it very tenderly.
With utter most soft tender and towels, we dry each other and we take it slow, because we want to do everything all over again and again, because I’ve experienced you can and I can too.
With sparks of love and sex in our eyes, we then go outside.
Those sparks stand out and it’s the kind of spark you can also feel in your belly and we gratefully immerse ourselves in it. And with us, the world does too. Love only grows by sharing.
I want for us to go hand in hand, our evening awaits and our night is young.
I feel like a feather in the breeze, baby feel: we are walking on air.
We walk along water, trees, beautiful old buildings, streets, houses.
Embrace. It. All.
We meet people.
Happiness fulfills and surrounds. Us.
If walls could speak,
they would shout it from rooftops.
‘Cause we are in love. With this city.
And right then and there when you look at me, you stroke my hair and I can feel it, for the very first time, yes, also with each other.


All artwork by Puck Rietveld

The philosophy behind blogporn is not so much that it’s written by me, as being my own person, but from a pseudonym. An alter ego, so to speak. This has several advantages.

First, my writings (on the wall) are not linked to me as a person, I mean that people who read blogporn don’t make an association with me. To guarantee my anonymity for various reasons. On the other hand, I think it’s important that everyone (18+) may and can recognize themselves in blogporn. It could therefore in principle be written by everyone and at the same time for everyone. This is what it’s all about. I find that important.

I want to exhilarate, challenge, be vulnerable, be able to be, dare to(o), arouse curiosity and share, create togetherness or just stimulate time with yourself. I want you to smile in recognition, get warmed by desire, notice your body when you get horny, really feel and touch yourself and who knows the other person too. What you do before, during or after blogporn is your choice. A sort of everything is possible and everything is allowed story 😉

Now let’s go back to my alter ego, the pseudonym I choose to write under. I chose N/A. The literal translation of this is: Not Applicable. It also means Not Available and No Answer. And last but not least:

Nocturnal Animal

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